A downloadable game for Windows

Version 0.5

- Added +1 lives pickups [drops from UFO]
- Removed upgrades [will revisit]
- Increased base Rate of fire
- Asteroids wrap around the level
- Randomized asteroid speed
- Fixed a bug giving the player 4 lives
- Removed asteroid collisions with other asteroids
- Reduced speed of UFO

Version 0.4

- Improved hitboxes
- Added lives
- Added small asteroids
- Added gameover screen

Version 0.3

- Increased difficulty
- Added UFO's
- Added sounds
- Added player death animation
- Now shows current level

Version 0.2

- Added random enemy spawns
- Improved FPS
- Improved animations
- Added score
- Added upgrades [more soon]

More information

Published 184 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsasteroids, atari, Space

Install instructions

  1. Download the folder
  2. Select the .exe and extract all
  3. Click the .exe


Asteroids v3 (1 MB)

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